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Renata Newborn Screening Podcast

Jun 17, 2021

No one really knew whether mass spectrometry was up to the task of population screening. Could the instruments cope with the tens-of-thousands of dried blood spots that needed to be analyzed every year? In the mid 1990s, Dr. Mike Morris began working with newborn screening labs around the world to try and answer...

Apr 22, 2021

For the 30 years following Dr. Robert Guthrie's invention of a PKU screening test newborn screening tests were limited in number. That all changed when biochemists at Duke University first applied tandem mass spectrometry to solve a puzzling clinical case. The result changed the way the newborn screening community...

Mar 12, 2021

It all started with a pediatrician's desire to save newborn babies from a rare but devasting metabolic disorder. But, Dr. Robert Guthrie's elegantly simple screening test for PKU (phenylketonuria) started a movement that has improved or saved the lives of countless newborn babies around the world.

Feb 16, 2021

Trailer for the Renata Newborn Screening Podcast.